Using Voyager in JuypterLab

Open Files in Voyager Extension

To open local files in the Voyager extension, right click on a valid file (JSON, CSV, TSV, vl.JSON) in JupyterLab's Files tab, hover over Open With, and click Voyager. After opening your dataset in Voyager, you can visualize and explore your data as described in earlier sections of this documentation.

Export Visualization from Voyager Extension

You can export visualizations from Voyager to a vl.JSON (Vega-Lite) file or Jupyter Notebook.

Export to vl.JSON File

To save your visualization to a vl.JSON file, right click anywhere in the Specified View pane, and clickExport Voyager as Vega-lite File. You can re-open this file later in the Voyager extension and JupyterLab's native Vega-Lite renderer.

Export to Jupyter Notebook

To export your visualization to a Jupyter Notebook, right click anywhere in the Specified Viewpane, and click Save Voyager to Jupyter Notebook. JupyterLab will then prompt you to choose a Python Kernel. After selecting a kernel, the Altair code to generate your visualization will be injected into a notebook cell. Run the cell to display your visualization.

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